SEMANTIC: A Collection of Wyrd Sister Stories & MANTIC: The Eyes of March

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SEMANTIC: A Collection of Wyrd Sister Stories

15 Standalone Psychic Short Stories in a Single Book!

When a group meant to be three expands to five women from diverse backgrounds, they combine tarot, astrology, tea leaves, palmistry and the ability to connect to the dead. The group falters under the weight of chaos as they face paranormal predicaments, moral resistance, and revealed secrets. Until the fateful day when one of the members makes a lethal mistake, costing the group their destinies, and perhaps their lives. Join the Wyrd Sisters to discover their first psychic encounter, how they came together, and what pulled them apart.

MANTIC: The Eyes of March

“Now is the coming of the dark haired women.  One is fallen from the sky.  All that was will be broken.  One of the group shall die.  In the dark light is revealed.  The truth will encumber.  All beloveds shall be healed, when Gemini is asunder.”

She can see the future, but she doesn’t have a past.

A psychic with amnesia?

Two women murdered, both with identical tattoos. A third tattooed woman survives an attempted drowning. Valena is the only link to stop the serial killer pursuing her, but she is afraid of her dark truth and surrenders to amnesia.

Haunted by visions, she meets the Wyrd Sisters and enters a life of psychics, tarot readings, prophecies, and possible death.

When those from her past find her, how can she accept police help and hide from the killer if she refuses to remember?