Self Publishing? 2015 Goal

I used to always say I was a Grant Writer because that is how I got paid to write.  This is true.  I get to research and write all day, but at night I have these characters whisper their stories and I owe it to them to complete the novel.  2015 marks the fifth year of this creative endeavor.

The prior posts on this blog were the result of a technical writing project (of which I helped author as a collaborative effort).  Moving forward, I am going to share what I am learning as a new author of prose.  I smile writing the word.  When asked what I do I will no longer answer that I am a writer/grant writer/technical writer.  I am an author, and I am never looking back.
In the spirit of sharing what I am learning, here is a blog with helpful information on self-publishing.  I am not just posting it here to win the contest for free editing of the first 20 pages of my novel (pick me, pick me, pick me).  As I grapple with the decision of finding an agent versus self-publishing, I find blogs such as this one are helpful.

Caveat Venditor—Five Mistakes KILLING Self-Published Authors.


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