Gimme That ‘Ol Time Sweetener- Republished

Lazy Mom started reaching for gum instead of chips during those agitated moments. Wouldn’t you know, there is a food label on gum. Seems moot on low calorie gum. I mean- don’t you burn those few calories with the simple act of chewing the gum? Then something catches my eye… sugar alcohol. Lazy mom starts to question whether this gum is work appropriate.

Turns out sugar alcohol is neither sugar nor really alcohol. There is a similarity in processing the product to that of alcohol brewing. So what are these sugar substitute bootleggers selling and why are we buying it?

Sugar alcohols are carbohydrate sweeteners, which are absorbed slowly and; therefore, considered diabetic friendly. This is reminiscent of another artificial sweetener once endorsed by the American Diabetes Association, only to find it caused leukemia in lab rats. Lazy Mom suggests proceeding with caution and keeping consumption moderate.

Think you can avoid sugar alcohols? Think again. It is creeping into the American diet quietly, like high fructose corn syrup did a decade ago. Everybody knows it is in gum, now look closer. It is in jams and jellies, toothpaste, syrups, cough drops, ice cream, candy, etc. How do you recognize it?
The ingredient on the food label will end in “-ol”.


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