No Really, It’s Research for a Novel

In reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, she discussed a Google search to see if a body can float the Mississippi.  I smirked.  I Googled if a body could float the Spokane River and  every single dam on the river. I finally decided someone would have to throw the MC in the river because she would not survive down stream.  At the time, I kept thinking Homeland Security is going to wonder what the hell I am searching this for, show up at my work and I’ll have to explain to the boss what I do on my lunch breaks.

Thankfully that never happened at work.  I am writing a mystery, so I would like to know what the inside of a patrol car looks like without going for an actual ride. Consequently my searches became increasingly bolder and strange.  When writing, I have to stop and Google if what I just wrote is possible, especially lately.  There are two previous homicides which link to the MC.  I have to plan how the first two women died and the forensics of it.

I am relieved there are books available for purchase which answer questions about trauma, wounds, weapons and police/court procedures.  The less I am on Google the more comfortable I feel about the twisted world I am creating.  Or is that a bad thing?


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