Snail Mail Sausage- Republished

Lazy Mom went on Summer Vacation to the beach. As per tradition, many gas stations hold the key to the restroom hostage in exchange for patronage. Years ago, in a desperate situation, Lazy Mom grabbed the jerky by the register- a beef and cheese pack to be exact. As I said, it became a traditional exchange for the key on every trip. Practically all convenience stores have this same beef and cheese combo. The serving seems so small and harmless.

After months of being up to my ears in food labels, it has become second nature to check. In the car I look and there is no information on the package. The ingredients are there for allergy purposes, but no Nutrition Facts. Is that even legal? At the bottom of the package, in small print, it says “For Nutrition Information:” and lists an address in Wisconsin to write your inquiry. Lazy Mom doesn’t want to write to the company to find out information about what I am eating, and the company is banking on that.

In the day and age when anything and everything is available online, how can they hold to an archaic mode of communication? Even fun size candy bars provide a phone and/or web address to access nutrition information. Fortunately for Lazy Mom there are a bunch of diet websites that present the Nutrition Facts of products online for free. I do not have to wait to find out how much that trip to the ladies room is costing me. Here are the findings: 180 Calories, 135 Calories from Fat, 15 grams of Fat, 40 grams of cholesterol, 740 grams of sodium and 10 grams of protein- No carbs. Maybe next time I’ll just buy a bottle of water or pack of gum.


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