Pay the Writer Part 2—Blood Diamonds & Fair Trade Fiction

This blog reminds me of a conversation at a sit down where I was asked to raise my rates out of respect for my peers. Everyone should reserve the right to set their own prices and not have to defend their position.

Does my lower rate undercut my peers, I don’t think so. My clients cannot afford the rate of my peers and would not have hired them anyway. So long as I am not actively soliciting their clients I don’t see what the problem is.

Does Kristen Lamb have the right to ask to be paid for her work? Yes. Yes books used to be $10, but people also used to share them. Every copy had an estimated 2.5 readers. eBooks thwarted the sharing with friends and family. eBooks potentially equals more volume sold, allowing prices to fall.

What about poor readers? They don’t have Kindles. They don’t have the iPhone 6. They don’t have media on their phone. If they do, they can shell out $2-$6 for a good read or they can live with their once a month free Kindle choice.

I set my price as I do because I write for charities. Authors do not have to be starving to be true to their craft, nor do they have to forfeit their work as a charitable donation to society.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image courtesy of Hoard Lake on Flickr Commons Image courtesy of Hoard Lake on Flickr Commons

You aren’t famous until someone famous calls you an idiot 😛 . As I was finishing up Monday’s post about how to support writers with reviews, I found out I’d hit the big time. Thus I went over and checked out the counter to my scandalous assertion that writers should be paid.

Aaaand, yeah. Still not wavering in my opinion.

Also think my critics have missed the point. Instead of protecting the old ways that well, for lack of a better term… suck and don’t benefit writers (or readers, publishers or even bookstores)—how about we start doing things differently?


So long as we protect sacred cows because that’s what we have always done? Nothing changes. But agents and editors and authors and pundits will all have fun blogging that I hate used bookstores (untrue) and how all of us should be grateful…

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