Kindle Scout Campaign When You’re OCD

I am going to be upfront here.  This is a ploy to generate votes.  Please click this link and vote for my book:


I am thrilled to participate in the Kindle Scout campaign because it is an excellent opportunity for a new author (like me) to build an author platform.


Yet, when you are obsessive, like me, and the statistics are right there, how do you not check?  Hot & Trending Updates hourly, but your page views and where they generated update daily (at the start of the third day).  I can’t help but check.


I read Lincoln Cole’s Kindle Scout Guide.  He has some self-reported stats about who was chosen and how many page views and the number of hours they were Hot & Trending

The truth is, nobody is quite sure how chosen books were selected or why.  I have scouted books since I started researching this as a publishing venue and decided it was the route for me.  I have yet to select a chosen book.


The research I would like to read is how to market your book after a Kindle Scout campaign.  Everybody says they are glad they did it because they were able to reach readers they couldn’t otherwise, but how do you maximize results from that exposure?  Please comment if you’ve read an article about that.



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