Featured Author- Trin Carl

I had a quick chat with author Trin Carl about motivation. Having the pleasure and benefit of reading Trin’s WIP Oh Brother, a literary fiction novel, I can say with certainty her efforts will be well rewarded. Those who know me, understand I share her enthusiasm for Elizabeth Gilbert’s inspiring work (both on and off the page) and will see why I find Trin’s writing unique.


Do you let the book stew and move on to a different project?

I’m always working on several projects simultaneously.  I feel as though projects allow me to think about the main novel at stake.  Currently I’m finishing off my novel “Oh Brother” about a foster boy who comes to live with a family and shakes up the family’s foundations. And at the same time I’m working on the sequel to this story.   It takes a lot of prioritizing to finish off projects and I’m only now getting used to the structure of a writer’s life.


Tell us about your writing process and the way you brainstorm story ideas?  

I use writing prompts to inspire my writing.  I could write a two page story based on a prompt like “John Whistles” or “Kermit-the-frog murmurs softly.”  I learned the core of my writing longeivity from my days writing during the nanowrimo seasons every year.  Nanowrimo.org posts a sort of marathon writing site for writers. It usually happens around November of every year.  During that time, writers try to finish their 50,000 word novel in a month.  I’ve learned about the importance of using writing prompts and settings and social networking.  A big part of Nanowrimo is writing with other writers.  You can go online and find your local writers around November when Nanowrimo is in full swing.


What is your favorite motivational phrase?  

My favorite motivational phrase is literally “Eat, Pray, Love,” from Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel. I remember reading the novel when I had to make  big decision about traveling overseas.  You see, I had always dreamed of teaching overseas and I made it all the way to South Korea to do just that.   It was a tremendous risk but I did it.  Now, I always look for signs and similar phrases.  One of my favorite blog writers must also believe strongly in Gilbert’s novel, she titled her blog knitreadpray/.


What writer pushed you to think differently about your life?

Many writers have changed my life.  Elizabeth Gilbert made me think twice about the value of everyday.  Abraham Verghese made me think human capabilities. Sanjay Gupta helped me understand the moral implications of giving a doctor a scalpel.


What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

A big cup of coffee, as well as my family.  I’m had  a child this year which is getting bigger and bigger each day and he’s pretty much my happy factor. I know that writing is not a sprint and it’s going to take a lot of practice to get to where I want to be in my writing.

Trin Carl writes YA and Contemporary fiction.  She enjoys dance and writing her two blogs 50schoolsn90days  and theglobaldig.blogspot.com.  From Minnesota, Trin enjoys the outdoors and all the seasons, especially the fall as it reminds her of her days teaching and attending school at Metropolitan State University.  She can be contacted on facebook,  goodreads,   or twitter.com/trincarl


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